The Five Essential Types Of Friends That Everyone Needs In Their Lives!

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It doesn't matter how many 'friends' you've got on Facebook or how many numbers there are in your phone, because there are only five real friends you REALLY need...

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Whether she's flashing her knickers while sliding down a fireman's pole or breaking up a fight outside a Greek restaurant, Bridget Jones knows her friends always have her back (even if they are laughing!). 

When it comes to friends, we all know having a few fantastic people around us is better than having a crowd of lacklustre acquaintances. Take a leaf out of Bridget's book and take a look at the top five essential mates you need to make your life extra special...

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1. A Friend Who Sticks By You During The Hard Times (Or Stressful Times)!

Bridget is going through a bit of a crisis, what with not knowing who the father of her baby is, but her work friend Miranda is on hand to help. Miranda is smart, cool, calm and collected, but with a fun streak that lands Bridget in the mud at a music festival! 

Everyone needs that friend who helps them through the hard times, providing the perfect shoulder to cry on, words of encouragement or just a comforting presence. 

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2. The Friend Who Makes You Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts 

They may not be your best friend, and you may not see them often, but we should all have that one friend who makes us grin from ear-to-ear. Someone who makes you belly laugh so hard that a little teeny tiny bit of pee comes out (we've all been there!), should be an essential member of your top five friends club. 

3. The One Who Listens And Doesn't Make It All About THEM!

How many times have you been telling a story about something important and then your 'friend' jumps in saying 'oh that happened to me..'? Before you know it you've been cut off and you're listening to their story, rather than getting yours off your chest. 

Everyone needs a friend who is a great listener and can offer fantastic advice exactly when you need it. Find them and never let them go!

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4. The Friend Who Makes Every Situation Fun 

Whether you're wandering around a silent museum or watching paint dry, everyone needs that one friend who can make things fun. Never running out of conversation, batting away boredom and generally keeping you entertained from dawn to dusk...this is an essential friend in our book. 

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5. The Ones Who Can Call You Out When You're Acting Stupid 

When you're overreacting to a situation or stressing for no reason, you need a friend who can give you a (not literal) slap in the face. We all have moments when we get a little bit carried away, so having that person who isn't afraid to call you out is essential. You may not like them in the moment, but you'll thank them in the long term. 

Bridget Jones Baby Friendships Renee Zellweger

Trust us, it is definitely about quality and not quantity when it comes to having fantastic friends. Just look at Bridget Jones and her terrific trio, Shazza, Tom and Jude - they've been with her since she bought the bloomin' diary! 

Do you have these friends in your life? Let us know below...

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