Germ Haters Will Absolutely LOVE This Magical Bacteria Detecting Towel!

15 November 2017, 11:58 | Updated: 15 November 2017, 12:04

Mizu Towel

By Naomi Berners

You'll never need to guess when your towel needs a wash again!

If you're someone who can't bear to leave a towel unwashed for long, then you're going to love this latest invention - a towel that will actually let you know when it's ready for a wash!

The time left between towel washes can vary drastically between households - some people are prone to leaving them until they start to smell a bit musty, whilst others are sticklers for getting them through the wash every few days.

If you've ever had a debate about such a thing, you'll know it can get pretty intense! 

(Also, if you're into heated household discussions, ask someone how often they change their pyjamas - that's always a good one!)

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The advert for Mizu Smart Towel informs us of the gross fact that towels are one of the most germ-filled items in our house, and are quite often breeding grounds for bacteria. 



However, 'bacteria detecting technology' has been woven into the fibres of the towel, and when they detect too much germ activity, the colour of the 'sensing areas' change from blue to red to alert you that it's time for a wash.

Mizu have got a whole range of these smart towels, from bath sheets to gym towels - and there's even a cute elephant version for kiddies!

If you're thinking that this is a bit of you, then something to bear in mind is the cost - of one of Mizu's Bath Towel is a pricey £35 - and that's with a 55% saving!

Perhaps this is one to add to the Christmas list...

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