Would YOU Get Into Grammar School? This 11-Plus Exam Is SUPER Tricky

Grammar skills istock

As the nation continues to squabble over whether we should bring back grammar schools, we've got our hands on a test.

As the nation remains divided as to whether we should bring back grammar schools, we've managed to get our hands on just some of the questions you'd be likely to see on the 11 plus exam.

Traditionally, grammar schools would use entrance exams to help select the "brightest" pupils at the age of 11. 

The tests are broken down into verbal and non-verbal reasoning, english and maths questions, with the pass mark being adjusted so that the number of children who pass the test match the number of places at the school.

We're not going to lie, the combination of questions were a bit tricky at times and definitely left us scratching our heads.

So could YOU get into grammar school? Take the test and find out.