Grieving daughter can hear her mum from beyond the grave thanks to special tattoo

24 July 2018, 16:04 | Updated: 24 July 2018, 16:21

Incredible new technology lets people hear their loved ones voices even after they have passed away.

A grieving daughter is now able to hear her late mother’s voice from beyond the grave, all thanks to this remarkable tattoo. 

Caitlin Hallock’s mother Leslie Ann Bando tragically died of a heart attack in December 2015, leaving her heartbroken. 

She decided to get a tattoo of her beloved mum wishing her happy birthday in a Facebook video, in the form of a soundwave.

The sound wave inking can be scanned using a special app called Skin Motion which plays the original recording aloud. 

Caitlin’s husband Shane, who is a tattoo artist, was the one to ink the design on her arm - making it even more special. 

Now Caitlin plays the tattoo a couple of times a day, making sure her mum's never too far away from her thoughts. 

She also plays it often to her four kids who love hearing their grandmother’s voice who has left a lasting imprint on all of their lives.