We BET You Can't Guess What This New High Street Product Is?

Dyson hairdryer £299

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well no, it's actually neither, but Dyson's newest toy certainly has us scratching our heads! Can you tell what it is?

We'll give you some clues: 

1) It's 'supersonic'

2) It's got 13 spinning blades that move at a rate of 110,000rpm... 

3) This frequency is actually above human hearing. Aka. It's silent. 

Okay we'll tell you.

Believe it or not, it's actually a hair dryer! 

Yes the company that brought us the bagless vacuum cleaner has turned it's hand to a serious style statement maker. 

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Let's be honest, hair dryers are by nature pretty clunky and noisy. But not anymore! 

The new creation guarantees you can continue your conversation or keep listening to your favourite podcast whilst you dry your gorgeous locks.

The amazing new technology means gone are the days of having to shout across the deafening din of warm air.

However, this little beauty WILL set you back... an eye watering £299?! 

If we're going to pay a price tag of almost £300 for the luxury of drying our hair, we expect this to come with a topless waiter to make us tea and cake too! 


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We're not convinced the price is worth is, but if you're dying to be able to dry your hair and silently meditate simultaneously, then the product will be available to buy in the UK in June.