Wedding guests forced to wash dishes after bride ‘blew budget’ on dress

1 July 2021, 13:37 | Updated: 1 July 2021, 13:48

A bride asked her guest to do the washing up
A bride asked her guest to do the washing up. Picture: Getty Images
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

Wedding guests were forced to wash dishes because the bride and groom 'blew their budget' on a venue and dress.

A bride and groom have been slammed after they asked their guests to do the washing up on their big day.

Sharing the story on Reddit, one woman explained how the newlyweds blew their entire budget on a pricey venue and wedding dress.

This meant they had to self-cater their party, before some guests were taken to the kitchen to help clean the dishes.

A bride and groom overspent on their venue and dress
A bride and groom overspent on their venue and dress. Picture: Getty Images

The guest explained that her boyfriend at the time couldn’t eat because they ran out of food at the buffet.

She said: "It then comes out that the bride and groom blew most of their wedding money on the venue and the bride's (admittedly beautiful) couture gown, so they decided to 'self cater.'

“A family friend who was a chef volunteered to make the food.

"They wanted a certain "opulence" so they purchased top-of-the-line ingredients (good cuts of meat, artisan breads and cheeses, etc.) which meant they ended up with only enough to feed about 3/4 of the guests. The rest went hungry."

A woman was forced to do the dishes at her relatives wedding
A woman was forced to do the dishes at her relatives wedding. Picture: Getty Images

But the anonymous guest's day got worse when she was later forced to wash up the plates along with nine other people.

After the mother of the bride ushered the group to the kitchen, she was shown a stack of plates and cups.

“Apparently part of self-catering is you rent the dishes and glassware,” she explained, continuing: “And if they aren't returned clean at the end of the evening you lose your deposit.

"But since the bride and groom are pinching pennies at this point, they haven't hired anyone to clean up. So I and about nine other guests spend most of the reception in the kitchen, elbow deep in soap and water.

"We miss the first dance and the cutting of the cake, which turns out to be for the best because (wait for it) they hadn't purchased enough cake for everyone either.

"The couple divorced three years later. I declined my invitation to the bride's second wedding."

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users were quick to comment, with one writing: “That is INSANE. Imagine inviting a bunch of folks then having the gall to tell them 1/4 of them will DELIBERATELY be left hungry. Including cake!”

“I would have refused and left right then and there,” said another, while a third called it ‘a horror story’.