Easy Hacks For Keeping Moths Away From Your Wardrobe

21 September 2017, 11:56

Banish Moths From Your Wardrobe

And look no nasty moth balls! Keep those annoying critters from nibbling holes in your favourite clothes once and for all.

The seasons are changing and with the browning leaves and falling temperatures come the moths. 

Just at the time of year when all our lovely jumpers are finally in their element and ready to keep us warm, cheeky moths emerge and those seriously annoying holes in the bottom of our favourite clothes appear.

But did you know that you could banish these pesky critters from your wardrobe for good with some products you likely already have lying around the house? We've got some natural hacks that REALLY work and mean you don't have to rely on those smelly moth balls!

Lavender and Mint 

Add a few drops of lavender or peppermint oil to a cotton ball and tuck it in the corner of your closet or drawers. It smells great to us but is highly repellent to moths or other insects - it's a win win situation! 

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood has long been recognised as a moth repellent which is why some clever clogs buy wardrobes made of cedar.

If you’re not lucky enough to own a cedar-lined wardrobe though, you could buy some chips or blocks from a hardware store and place them wherever needed or alternatively, hang your clothes on cedar wood coat hangers.

Garment Bags

If you're worried about your favourite and most luxurious items of clothing then it is certainly better to be safe than sorry. Store thick jumpers or designer gear in zip lock garment bags to make sure no unwanted guests get to them. 

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Vet Your Vintage

Did you know your love for a bargain could be contributing to the problem? 

Vintage or second-hand clothing should be dry cleaned before being introduced to your clothing as they are often the source of infestation after hanging around in a dusty retro shop or warehouse for a while before landing in your shopping bag.

Keep Your Clothes Clean!! 

As gross as it sounds, moths love to feast on crumbs and oil from makeup and hair products, so don’t put any dirty clothes back in your wardrobe.


Freeze Your Garments

If it's too late for one of your favourite items, fear not, there is a way to salvage them - freeze it! 

Yes really, wrap any affected clothes in a plastic bag and freeze for 3-5 days; this kills larvae and adults, and usually all eggs. 

You're welcome!