Hang On To Your Round £1 Coins! You’ll Still Need Them

9 October 2017, 09:56

pound coin, £1, money, Sainsbury's

Supermarket giants and rail stations still aren’t ready for the transition

Forget what you heard, the round £1 coins are still very much needed despite it going out of circulation in just 7 days time. 

Whilst it will soon cease to be legal tender, rail company machines are still unprepared for the new pound coin as well as a number of major supermarkets.  

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Sainsbury's and Tesco have admitted that they still haven’t modified all their trolleys to accept the new 12-sided coin - with Sainsbury’s putting this down to "internal logistic problems”.

pound coin, £1, money, Sainsbury's

Meanwhile, Transport for London have stated that some of the ticket machines on its Overground and tram services are unlikely to be ready for the new £1 coin until the end of the year!

Don’t chuck them just yet, people.


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