Smart Foods! Sugars And Fats That ARE Good For You

The future of food is looking bright and word is that you DON'T have to give it all up to get healthy. There are plenty of tasty fats and sugars that ARE good for you, you just have to have them on your radar. Our savvy guide with tips from food futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye on what to swap out means you can literally have your cake and eat!

If you're the martyr type who believes that to get healthier is necessary to suffer and give up foods you love think again. The key to feel better is to eat smarter NOT give up. So we tell you what swap and how these super foods WILL make you feel great!

"Rather than depriving yourself" says food futurologist and lecturer Dr Morgaine Gaye (check for her range of super foods on the go) "add in some of the newest foods and you'll get an instant boost and be less inclined to eat junk food which might lure you away from your best intentions.".





After years of being told that fat is unhealthy and contributes to weight gain, we know now that lipids are actually very good for us, essential in fact to help us absorb vitamins and minerals from other foods, including fruit. The latest trend of 'juicing' for example, is rather pointless if a little bit of fat is not added to the freshly-made drink.

"Vegetable juices need some fat with them for us to absorb the vitamins and minerals in all of their goodness (fat soluble vitamins) –  so new health drinks and smoothies will be vegetable WITH avocado or another oil blended in. Fat-rich, low carb breakfasts will keep people full and balance out their energy, setting them up for the day." advises Dr Gaye.
A recent study conducted by Pennsylvania State University has also found that avocado helps lower cholesterol, so whether you add it to your salads or breakfast, start eating this delicious vegetable!



coconut sugar
Giving up sugar is a real struggle for many when trying to follow a healthier lifestyle.
"Sugar has been confusing people for a long while.", says the food futurologist. "Fructose, sucrose, glucose…everyone is confused and downing the fruit juices as though they are the answer to 5 a-day. This will stop when we start to better understand the breakdown of different sugar in our body and how the body generally doesn’t like it, especially in large doses. Coconut sugar is an excellent natural replacement for standard sucrose as it's a low GI sweetener which doesn't have any nasties and doesn't create any of the mood swings of the regular white stuff."


Fish is good for the heart and the brain as it's an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, thought to be helpful in the fight against heart disease, vitamin B, D and selenium. It's also a light and filling meal choice as proteins are well known to keep you full for longer, unlike carbohydrates such as wheat, which can play havoc with blood sugars and make you feel hungrier soon after consuming it. 
Fish is also very versatile and can be baked, grilled, poached, stir fried and eaten raw, plus there are plenty of varieties to choose from. If you prefer meat however, stick to the lean white type, although these days some nutritionists think that some kinds of red meat might not be bad for you after all, so stay tuned for more studies and news. Some vegetarian and vegan proteins, such as quinoa, are also excellent super foods packed with goodness. The bottom line is though, if you want to be healthy and even loose a few pounds, proteins must be included in your diet. 

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There's a reason why our mums have always told us to eat our greens: because they are good for us! Packed with vitamins, minerals, fibres and antioxidants vegetables should be a big part of our meals. Don't be afraid to try some less common ones, such as fennel, which is not only delicious and can be eaten cooked or raw, but it's also beneficial to the digestive system. Just be careful with starchy veggies such as potatoes however, as they will be turned into sugars and then fat by the body. If you like your spuds, swap them for the sweet variety as they have a lower glycemic index. A vegetable not seen often on our tables but commonly eaten in Asia is seaweed and according to Dr Morgaine Gaye this algae will become more common in our diets in the years to come as it's not only delicious but healthy too. "We are seeing more and more dried seaweed snacks on the market - and this trend will continue over the coming year. Salty, crunchy, light and delicious - roasted seaweed is full of minerals and is much healthier than salted nuts or crisps.", she says.
Fruit is excellent too, but don't overdo it as it is high in fructose, a sugar after all. Berries are an excellent choice as they are low in the white stuff and packed with antioxidants. 



Nuts and seeds are full of good fats and vitamins and are an excellent snack if you feel peckish in between meals.
"Really healthy snacks are still a growing market sector and awareness around ‘pretend’ healthy foods (roasted nuts, cereal bars, granola snacks) will grow. Raw, low sugar snacks with bio-available ingredients which not only taste good but also deliver powerful benefits are the next trend in health and wellness.", advises Dr Gaye.
But also cocoa nibs! "Chocolate cravings are actually magnesium cravings...and most people are deficient" reveals the food futurologist "Raw cacao is nutritionally dense and is a powerful source of most vitamins and minerals plus the high soure of magnesium which we all need".



coconut flour
Being super healthy is great, but let's face it, we all fancy a bit of cake now and then. The last few years have seen coconut flour making an appearance on the market as unlike wheat, it's good for you. "A grain and gluten free flour made from coconut is a great way to start baking healthy. Mix coconut flour with ground almonds and replace all the flour in your usual recipes. Suddenly cakes can be healthy after all!" says Morgaine Gaye. 
With these delicious foods being healthy is not difficult after all!
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