Heart's Cocktail Masterclass: The Coolest Recipes For Summer

Cocktail Masterclass Heart

Get into the summer swing with these fun and easy to make cocktails to try at home!

Do you like Pina Coladas and dancing in the rain? Or do you prefer a bit of Sex on the Beach? Ooh, cheeky, we’re talking cocktails of course!

Summer is here and we’ll take any excuse to make some cocktails with the girls. Here’s how to make some of our faves.

Woo Woo

What you’ll need

25ml peach schnapps

25ml vodka

50ml cranberry juice


Serve: Short glass over ice

Heart cocktails


Sex on the Beach

What you’ll need

25ml vodka

25ml peach schnapps

100ml orange juice

100ml cranberry juice

Serve: Tall glass

TIP: Add the alcohol first and give the whole thing a good stir

Heart cocktails 

Pina Colada

What you’ll need

50ml white rum

25ml coconut cream

25ml single cream

200ml pineapple juice. 

Serve: Round bottomed cocktail glass

TIP: If you don’t have coconut cream, single cream or rum, you can just use Malibu instead! Winner.

Heart cocktails 

Tequila Sunrise

What you’ll need

50ml tequila

200ml orange

Dash grenadine

Method: Add tequila first, then orange. Add the grenadine and watch the sunset effect. Serve in a tall glass. Cocktail umbrella optional.

Heart cocktails


What you’ll need

50ml spiced rum

Soda water


Mint leaves

Strawberries (optional)

Method: Squash together the mint, lime and sugar in the glass. Add the strawberries here if you’re using them. Stir in the rum, top up with soda water and enjoy.

 Heart cocktails

Lemon Drop

What you’ll need

50ml vodka

50ml lemon juice

1 tbsp sugar


Method: Shake together vodka, lemon juice and sugar. Pour into a cocktail glass and top up with lemonade to your taste.

Tip: Before adding the alcohol, rub a lemon over the rim of the glass and then tip upside down in a saucer of sugar for that cocktail bar flourish!

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Bloody Mary

What you’ll need:

50ml vodka

Lemon juice

Worcestershire sauce (6 dash)

Tabasco sauce (3 dash)

150ml tomato juice

Salt and pepper

Method: Pour vodka over ice and add lemon juice, preferred amount of Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco sauce and the tomato juice. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Bloody Mary Heart Cocktails 

Long Island Iced Tea

What you’ll need:

25ml light rum

25ml vodka

25ml gin

25ml tequila

50ml lime juice


Method: Mix alcohol and lime together, pour over ice in a tall glass and top up with coke.

Heart cocktails 

Cheeky Vimto

What you’ll need:

50ml Port

25ml Vodka

Blue WKD 

Method: So simple! Just mix together all ingredients, give it a good stir and enjoy!

Cheeky Vimto Heart cocktail