QUIZ! Which Hogwarts Ghost Is Going To Haunt You This Halloween?

Nearly Headless Nick

Whether it's Nearly Headless Nick or Peeves the poltergeist, be sure to keep looking over your shoulder this halloween...

When we're walking along the dark corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after hours, we're dodging being caught by our professors who are sure to deduct some house points. Or maybe even send us on a detention with Hagrid into the Forbidden Forest *shudders*.

But it's not just the teachers we need to be careful of - what about the ghosts? No matter how friendly some of them may be, there is no way that we want to bump into - or walk through - one of the walking dead, even if it is Nearly Headless Nick. 

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Take the test to find out who you should be looking out for this Halloween. Who knows what horrifying things they could do when your back is turned...