How to find out if your holiday romance was a fling or real thing

30 August 2018, 16:13 | Updated: 30 August 2018, 16:18

holiday romance

By Emma Gritt

Can't stop thinking about that gorgeous stranger you met abroad? Here's how to work out if it was the real deal or just a fling.

Sun, sea, sand and snogs from a handsome stranger - who doesn’t love a holiday romance?

But while many people are happy to leave their foreign fling in the hotel room with empty bottles of duty free booze, some people want to keep things going when they get home. 

However, like a Magaluf T-shirt or knock off designer handbag bought at the beach, not everything is meant to last forever. 

Relationship expert Tracey Cox outlined a series of pointers designed to help you decipher if your holiday romance was a fling - or the real thing.

The Daily Mail columnist says if you aren’t the only person they’ve slept with at the resort, or they showed no interest in your life back home, the chances are they were using you for sex. 

She also said people need to ask themselves if what they’ve told them “adds up”, or if their initial gut feeling was that this handsome stranger was bad news. 

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It's not hard to get caught up in the moment when you meet someone abroad (Image: Getty)

“First impressions are nearly always correct. If they seem too sure of themselves and too good to be true, they generally are,” she says. 

“Lots of people reinvent themselves on holidays and become the person they wished they were rather than are.

“Everything gets glorified and inflated – and the longer the fling goes on, the more likely they are to slip up and let the truth come out.” 

Tracy also says other warning signs include one (or both!) of you being on the rebound, or not acting yourself in fear of putting them off. 

If you’ve fallen for a Brit or someone from a nearby area to where you’re from, another red flag is that they make no forward plans to meet up or introduce you to their friends when you get home. 

However, not all holiday romances are dead ends, with thousands of people settling down with someone they drunkenly snogged on a foreign jaunt every year. 

Tracey advises connecting on as many social media platforms as possible so you can find out as much as possible about their real lives. 

Then, if the first proper date goes well - and you don’t suddenly realise you were wearing beer goggles for the entire holiday - then make sure to take things cautiously.

Tracey believes that the first month of dating when you get back home is crucial when it comes to establishing if it was just a fling or something more substantial. 

She says: “Stand back and have a good look one month back from your holiday.  

“How's it going? Are your enthusiasm levels waning a little? Do you get on best when you reminisce about the holiday and conversation falters when you switch to something else? 

“This generally means it was a holiday fling that should have been left as one. But if you've met each other's friends and family and are getting along even better than you did away, it's around the one month mark that you can relax.”