Holidaymakers returning from France face £1,000 fines for walking the dog

17 August 2020, 07:11 | Updated: 17 August 2020, 07:20

Holidaymakers could face £1000 fines for breaking quarantine rules
Holidaymakers could face £1000 fines for breaking quarantine rules. Picture: PA Images/Getty Images

Those coming back from a holiday in France will have to stick to strict quarantine rules.

Over the weekend, France was taken off the travel corridor list due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

This means all holidaymakers heading back to the UK will be forced to quarantine for two weeks to stop the spread of coronavirus.

And travellers could face a hefty fine of up to £1,000 if they ignore the rules, which includes taking their pets for a walk during their isolation period.

Official advice states you can leave the house for "basic necessities like food and medicines, but only in exceptional circumstances such as where you cannot arrange for these to be delivered".

Brits rushed to get home before the new quarantine rules came into force
Brits rushed to get home before the new quarantine rules came into force. Picture: PA Images

A government source has since told The Telegraph that people are allowed to go to the supermarket on the way home from the airport, train station or ferry port - but only as a last resort.

Instead, Brits are being urged to stay indoors at all times and have their food shopping delivered by supermarkets or friends.

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It also means pet dog owners will have to ask someone else to take their furry friends outside.

Children who are coming back from holiday won’t have to go back to the classroom, with a Department for Transport source confirming to the publication that schools will be required to "offer each child a remote education".

This comes after the government announced that France and the Netherlands have been added to the quarantine list.

Thousands of holidaymakers rushed to get home in order to make it home before the 4am cut off on Saturday morning.

Those who have trips booked have also been forced to cancel or rebook their plans with the UK government advising against "all but essential travel".

On Friday, the French health ministry reported more than 2,500 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours.

This rose to over 3,000 on Sunday, which was a new post-lockdown daily high.

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