How to decorate your childs room

Put a smile on your little ones face. Transform their bedroom and let them help by choosing from a wide range of colours.

Before you start have a look at some of the tips Earthborn paint gave us:

How should parents approach decorating children’s rooms in terms of giving the child a colour scheme they’ll like?   

When painting child’s bedrooms, opt for high performing paints and neutral colours that have longevity to avoid frequent repaints.

Choosing muted or tonal colours combined with a vibrant dash such as pink, lilac or blue create an interesting mix of colourways and a focal point for the child’s bedroom.

Choose a paint which is durable and able to take the knocks of kids worry free behavioir. Try Earthborn paints.

Wall stickers can always be added at a later point to provide visual stimulation as the child grows older whilst the paint colour still remains fresh.

What should parents be concerned about in terms of chemicals/smells etc?

Understandably, parents are always more cautious about the products they bring into the home, particularly in the nursery where safety is paramount.

Paint contents can be confusing and frightening and with so many companies out there making eco-claims, it’s difficult to know who to trust.

Earthborn Claypaints and Eggshells contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), oils or acrylics which let off harmful emissions so parents can rest easy that their children will not be breathing in any toxic smells. The paints have exceptional breathability which means they absorb moisture and destroy any airborne odours making for a healthier, more comfortable living environment. The paints also have anti-static properties which assist in reducing the build up of dust and allergens making them ideal for children with asthma or sensitive skin.”

What is trendy for a child's bedroom?

Pairing two or more colours together has become a sophisticated wall trend for 2010.

Colour pairings can be a complicated process but there are shades that are proven to work together in most spaces (such as Earthborn's) Eiderdown and Lucy’s Scarf, a muted tone complemented by a vibrant colour.

For smaller rooms, choose neutral shades from the same colour palette to create a timeless and elegant look. Or for an interesting feature wall, pick an accent colour from a piece of artwork to blend in with the rest of the room.

The newest pairing from Earthborn for summer is Pink-a-boo and Milk Jug, a vibrant and uplifting colour pairing, perfect to lift the mood after a long and cold winter. This could be used indoors or outdoors.

Tips provided by John Dison, Managing Director of Earthborn