Just How Far Would You Go For The One You Love?!

best Celebrity Pictures -  6th july

A new YouGov poll reveals what changes some lovebirds would be willing to make for their beau!

When you get a new partner, its safe to say that it can sometimes require a bit of change and compromise. 

When we start a relationship we don't wanna loose our personalities, but we also have to fit ourselves into a new person's life and try to make things work.

Well now new YouGov research has recently looked into where we draw the line and exactly how much change people are willing to bring into their lives for their new long term love.

Take note, some of these stats go way beyond sharing the TV remote!

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1,652 participants were asked ‘Which of the following, if any, would you be willing to do if a long-term romantic partner asked you?’

They responded as follows…

73% of people said they’d be willing to move within the UK

66% said they would stop smoking

49% said they’d be willing to move abroad

45% said they’d stop drinking

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However, despite the lengths some would go to for a new beau, many drew the line at ditching their mates (71% unwilling) and turning veggie (62% unwilling)!

Guess we're just too attached to those burgers to make time for love!