Unusual beauty treatments

It seems celebrities are going to greater lengths than ever before to maintain their looks. From snake venom to flesh-eating fish, we ask how far would you go in the name of beauty?

The competition to stay young can get vitriolic...

When Dannii Minogue was told she looked a little too botoxed on the X Factor, she decided to stop the muscle-paralyzing injections in favour of something more natural. The new mum was quickly converted to bee venom masks, an anti-aging, non surgical face-lift treatment that's also loved by the Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Face creams containing Syn-Ake, an agent that mimics a protein found in snake venom, flew off the shelves when they were launched last year. Like the bee poison ones, they are marketed as non surgical anti-aging miracle potions and women quickly flocked to beauty counters to find out for themselves.

Is beauty skin deep?

If you think using ingredients inspired by poison in skincare is odd, then wait until you hear about Dermaroller, a mallet-like tool covered in micro needles that's gently rolled onto the face and body to tackle scars, sun damage and wrinkles.
If needles are not your thing, then electricity might be. The CACI Ultimate Treatment helps to fight lines and skin damage with the aid of blue and red flashing lights and (low) electric currents. 

Not enough? Then why not try the PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma) Rejuvenation, a treatment that uses the patient's own blood to fight aging, scarring, acne and sun damage. A sample of blood is taken then processed in order to separate the plasma and platelets and injected back into the patient's areas of concern. Not for everyone, but Twilight fans might want to take it up if they have the budget.

Let them eat feet!

Unusual beauty treatments don't stop at anti-aging. Several spas in the UK now offer the fish pedicure, where small flesh-eating fish nibble away at your cracked heels until your feet are soft and smooth.  Katy Perry tried it recently and the treatment is fast becoming very popular, although it's unlikely the little swimmers will paint your toes too.

What do you think of these beauty treatments? Would you have them done or have we gone too far? Tell us below!

Debbie Hawkins
Well for fun My husband and I tried the fish on the feet in Bali for fun and it tickled like mad, feet felt refreshed but I couldn't see much difference.

Benish Wajid

Nina Rowland
A dollop of evening moisturiser will do me !! can't afford anything else but I'm sure not drinking or smoking really helps and I am not a makeup fan !! pure and simple is my beauty regime.

Gaynor Brown
i think these treatments are brill and defo not to far i would defo go the whole hog to keep my youth i was mortified the other day when a cousin of mine told me im old and that i carnt chill with her lol im only 30 but i guess the face looks it now tis a scarey thought looking my age now so i would be up for anything to slow that process down