How Good Are YOU At Recognising Faces?

Cambridge Face Test canvas

There's no denying that we're all partial to a bit of memory loss, whether it's remembering where you put your keys or if you did actually post that letter in time... However, we also like to think we've got our memories in check when it comes the stuff that actually matters. Or do we?

For forensic scientists, police officers and people who work in security often have to identify faces at a glance, so they've got to have a natural flare for the task before honing in their talents and applying it to the job. 

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For nearly a decade now, psychologists have come to realise that some people are better at recognising faces than others, which sets them apart for jobs like these. They're called 'super recognisers'.

I mean c'mon, sometimes we struggle to tell our kids apart, let alone complete strangers!

Nevertheless, you can challenge your skills and take the Cambridge Face Memory Test to find out if you're a super recogniser. 

The test will show you a photograph of a face from different angles and will ask you to memorise them. It will start off with a Simpsons related practice question and then get harder and harder.

>>Take The Test Here<<

Good luck! Maybe this will help remind us to call the kids for dinner and not the dogs...