How Many Animals Can YOU See? This Latest Illusion Is Driving Internet Mad!

hidden elephant animal Optical illusion

Another optical illusion is driving the internet insane as they try and find all the hidden creatures.

A mind-boggling new brainteaser, which features a variety of animals, is baffling people online as they try to work out where the wildlife is hidden. 

The black and white picture appears to show a large elephant, with a number of different creature hidden into the body, and it's got us scratching our heads.

Not everyone can see them, and the post on Facebook has seen users arguing amongst t arguing for the inclusion of beasts that others can't see at all.

Answers about how many creatures it shows range from four to a surprising 16.

So how many can YOU see?

After closer look, it appears that the picture shows an elephant, a donkey, a dog, a cat, a rat, a snake, a dolphin, a turtle AND a fish.

One user claims there are SIXTEEN animals and total, and pointed them out with a nifty diagram. 

We're not entirely convened we can see everything but we'll take their word for it!