This is how often these household items should be replaced

22 August 2018, 14:58

Bed changing

Kitchens and bathrooms remain the biggest breeding grounds for bacteria - with over 10 million types of bacteria on the average toothbrush.

HOW often do you clean your oven? Or when's the last time you ditched your toothbrush? Cleaning avoiders are in for a shock when they discover how often household items need a refresh.

Bedsheets need to be cleaned on a weekly basis as they collect body oils, sexual fluids, sweat, and even saliva.

If you sleep in dirty sheets and have a scratch or wound then you run the risk of infection. Running a hot iron over pillowcases and sheets will kill off any remaining bacteria.

It's an obvious one, but kitchens are also a breeding ground for bacteria with ovens needing to be deep cleaned every three months, while a microwave needs at least a weekly blitz.

Ovens need cleaning every three months (Credit - GETTY)

Your mobile phone also needs plenty attention, especially if you scroll through your social feeds while eating dinner.

A daily wipe will keep nasty germs at bay, but be careful not to get liquid into the device's charging points.

Several manufacturers suggest turning your phone off before giving it a wipe.

Your choice of phone case can also impact the number of bacteria caught between the creases of the phone, with rubber cases being the perfect material for bacteria to cling to.

Mobile phones should be cleaned daily with the use of a wet wipe (Credit - Getty)

Here's how often you should change these household items:

Tea-towels - daily

Mobile phone - daily

Kitchen sponge - rinse daily but replace after one week

Towels - After four uses

Bedsheets - weekly


Microwave - weekly

Window blinds - weekly, with a deep clean twice a year

Oven cooker - 3 months

Toothbrush - 3 months

Fridge - 3 months

Mattress - replace after nine years

Are you on top of your kitchen cleaning routine? (Credit - GETTY)