Is The Time You Go To Bed Making You Pile On The Pounds?

Night owl cartoon

So THIS is why night owls get the midnight munchies... Does our amount of sleep really influence how much as well as what we eat? Prepare to find out...

We've long known that getting your beauty sleep is important to your general health and well being. 

However, things may be more serious than we thought!

New research is leading some scientists to claim that those of us who stay up burning the midnight oil are actually more likely to put on weight than those who get to bed on time. 

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How sleep influences what we eat

Apparently people who go to sleep later than 11pm are more likely to gorge themselves on naught food stuff, including sugar, caffeine and yep, you guessed it...alcohol.

Although it's no surprise that those who stay up late on weekends, probably tend to booze a little more than is strictly necessary (plus we're partial to a cheeky bedtime biscuit or two!), a new fitness tracker app suggests that we could be consuming around 220 more calories than those who go to sleep between 7-11pm. Say whaaaat?!

The data from the app implies that if you go to bed earlier you make healthier diet options as you're not always hunting for that late night sugar fix. 


So whilst the rest of are struggling to snuggle down at the same time each night, it seems early birds really are getting the benefits of hitting the hay at a sensible hour.

Jawbone data scientist and clinical psychologist Kristin Aschbacher wrote: "Early birds tended to eat healthier foods on the whole." 

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So there you have it, getting your kip is really important! 

Now we've got the perfect case for pushing for that afternoon power nap we've been campaigning for - you hear that boss? ...boss?