First Date Body Language: 5 Steps To Ensuring A Second!

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Thought your date went really well but you can't understand why you didn't get a second? Then check out our 5 step guide to make sure you're giving off the right signals.

Step 1: Relaxed Posture

First dates are awkward enough without the added tension, so it's really important to relax. Remember, your date is probably nervous too and if you're at ease it will make them feel more comfortable around you. Don’t shrug or sit slyly, sit upright.

Step 2: Are you being defensive? 

When in the company of someone you don't really know that well, it's easy to give off signals that you're uncomfortable without even realising it! Are you hugging your bag? Fiddling? Or worst yet sitting with your arms crossed? These are all habits that must be broken. You want to give out a vibes that you're positive and approachable so keep your torso and chest open and relaxed.

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Step 3: Eye contact  

If you haven't got the gift of the gab, then remember your eyes are your best weapon! After all the eyes are the portal to the soul, one look can be worth a thousand words so don't under estimate the power of a little eye flirtation. Try to keep good eye contact when talking to your date, not only can this be sexy but it shows you're interested. Balance is key though, stare your date out too much and that's just plain creepy!

Step 4: Get Close

Don't be afraid to sit closer to each other. There's nothing worse than a whole load of empty space in between you both. Lean towards your date when talking to them to appear engaged.

Step 5: Don't be afraid to touch

Try to introduce touch as early as possible. Be careful, it shouldn't be too sexual. If you're a girl try a little touch of his arm or a pat on his knee whilst laughing at his jokes. if your a boy, there's nothing wrong with touching her waist whilst leading her to the bar or when opening a door for her. These little bits of body contact can make all the difference, and will help you both to relax.
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