Got The Flu? Experts Say Those Urban Myths Might Be The Cure!

Cold & Flu

We've all heard the mantra, 'feed a cold, starve a fever' but could this actually cure your symptoms?

If there was ever an excuse to eat MORE food it's now. 

As we begin to wave good bye to summer, and welcome a drizzly autumn, you can bet your bottom dollar a bout of the sniffles is sure to ensue.

Now scientists claim that the old wive's tale 'feed a cold and starve a fever' could ring true as tests on mice showed that the animals were more likely to recover from cold viruses when given food.

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Results also showed that the mice only survived the bacteria that causes fever, when they stopped eating

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It's now thought that the remarkable findings, published in journal Cell, could have implications for the treatment of serious conditions like sepsis which kills nearly 40,000 Brits a year.

However, feeding patterns in patients will ultimately depend on whether the blood poisoning bug is caused by bacteria or a virus.

Scientists think that those who have been struck down with the fever-causing bacteria might have a better chance of surviving the illness if they are deprived of food, while those hit by viruses like cold might need to pack in the nutrition.

Hmm now that's some food for thought!