How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heatwave

20 June 2017, 15:42

Cooling off

Cool tips for hot dogs...

We’re currently experiencing the longest heatwave for 20 years – but what does this mean for Britain’s beloved pooches?

We spoke to Katrin Scholz, Head Nutritionist at natural pet food brand AniForte, who has some top tips on how to best look after your dog this summer:

Take Your Dog Out Of The Car Every Single Time 

It is always well documented but in no circumstances should a dog be left in a car in hot weather. Despite the mass media attention this usually gets there are often still tragic tales of victims, so don’t take any chances this summer. Also consider other environments, like conservatories and greenhouses that can also be stifling in heat. They can be just as much of a hazard to your pet’s health and it is best to keep your dog out of these spaces.

Car advice

Good advice from Dogs Trust.    Picture: Twitter

Avoid peak times and hot surfaces

If it is a really sunny day, it’s not advisable to walk or run with your dog in peak sunshine. This is usually between 11am - 4pm. Heat stroke can be very serious, and avoiding the height of sunshine decreases the chance of your dog being affected. Beware of the symptoms: they include anxiety, excessive panting and in severe cases of heat-stroke – collapse and convulsions. If you think your dog is suffering from heat stroke, remove them from the hot environment and seek veterinary attention immediately.

Be aware of very hot surfaces that could harm your dog’s paws such as hot asphalt/pavements. A good trick is to test it yourself by laying the back side of your hand on it for five seconds to make a judgment.

Plenty of water

Keep an eye on how much your dog is drinking and keep their water supply full at all times. Your dog’s breed and weight may make them more vulnerable to over - heating.  Overweight, older dogs and those suffering from heart disease are more likely to suffer. If your dog is well hydrated it will help ward off symptoms.

Hot on the beach

Spare a thought for our furry friends in this heat.      Picture: Twitter


Dogs with thicker coats will shed some fur in the summer to help keep them cool. Wash and groom your dog regularly to aid this process and ensure they are free of dead hair.

Cool down

If you’d like to help your dog cool down, most really enjoy a splash of water on a hot summer’s day! You can even get doggy paddling pools but if you want to keep it simple a quick hose down works just as well and can be just as fun. This can also serve as good entertainment if they haven’t been able to enjoy their unusual run around on especially hot days.

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