We Know How To Find Out If Somebody Has The Hots For You!

we know how to find out if someone has the hots fo

Psychologists have found what could be the best indicator in finding out if somebody is attracted to you...

Have you ever had banter with your crush and wondered whether its flirty or you've been friend-zoned?

We could have the answer!

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According to recent research carried out by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, the biggest sign of attraction is humour.

So banter (or flanter!) is a good sign and not the ultimate snub after all. 

It's now been proven by real life ACTUAL scientists that the opposite sex see humour as a good quality, and if they laugh with you then you're on the right track.

Apparently 'Both sexes were more likely to initiate humour and respond more positively and consider the other person to be funny when initially attracted to that person.'

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Having a sense of humour supposedly makes you more attractive than someone who doesn't, meaning the more jokes the better! 

So before your next hot date, jot down some knock knock jokes for those awkward silences and you should get off to a great start...only if they laugh though!