These indestructible tights defy science and are totally ladder proof!

20 March 2018, 10:58 | Updated: 20 March 2018, 11:38

Indestructible Tights Asset

Snag and tear them any way you want - they're not going to rip!

You can now buy 'indestructible' tights, which are literally ladder-proof. But, at £70 a pair, they're not cheap - although they'll save you copious amounts of trips to and from the high street.

The promo video shows a woman comparing these marvellous new creations to your average pair of tights, and the comparison is mind-blowing. 

Made from bulletproof fibres (yep, you heard right!), they can't be cut with scissors or snagged by jewellery. Oh, and if you fancy making a swing out of them, they'll hold your weight.

Credit: Sheerly Genius

Thankfully, they clear any confusion up by stating that whilst they are made out of bulletproof fibres, they're not actually bulletproof..."These are for the boardroom, not the battlefield!"

(Always good to know these things.)

Credit: Sheerly Genius

The tough hosiery is the brainchild of Sheerly Genius, who shared their invention on Kickstarter. The ballistic grade fibres that make the tights so durable are 10 times stronger than steel, and have been combined with knit, yarn and fibre to look and feel like a standard pair of tights.

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As well as their incredible inability to remain ladder-free, they're also anti bacterial, chaff resistant and moisture wicking. 

It's a hosiery miracle!