Why 'invisibility prank' craze could be harming your children

21 September 2018, 08:53 | Updated: 21 September 2018, 08:56

invisibility prank

The 'invisibility prank' is sweeping the internet - but experts warn against doing it to your children.

A new craze is leaving children hysterically upset.

Dubbed the 'invisibility prank', this new viral trend sees adults try to convince their youngsters that they've turned invisible.

The 'joke' involves covering the child with a blanket, then removing it, before acting like they've disappeared before your eyes.

To convince them even further, the child is then asked to pose next to someone for a 'photo' in which they aren't visible. This is done by 'pre-planning' the picture - so getting someone to stage the the same pose in advance. 

The child then sees the image that they think has just been taken - without them in it.

Many clips see the fooled child reacting in amusement once they realise the joke, but other uploads see youngsters left visibly distressed and upset by the gag.

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Child psychologist Dr Fiona Martin from the Sydney Child Psychology Centre, believes that this trend is not one to be copying.

She told news.com.au: “This seems to be causing children unnecessary distress and for what for? For what reason? Anything that creates distress in a child can’t be good for them, particularly when it’s not necessary.

"There are plenty of ways to provide a stimulating environment for your children. You could go and play sport with them, you can do creative artwork with them.

“This kind of thing is not really providing any cognitive or developmental benefit.” 

The craze stemmed from the Netflix show 'Magic For Humans', in which host Justin Willman convinces an adult male that he'd turned invisible.

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