The New iPhone UPDATE Will Change The Way You Text Forever!

How to Use Message Effects in iOS 10


Don't worry, we've sussed out everything you need to know about messaging with iOS 10 and how to use all the effects.

If you've updated your iPhone to the Apple's new iOS 10 software, then you've probably been taken back by not only it's glossy new look but the crazy new functions.

Until now, iMessage had seemed pretty bleak in comparison to fancier messaging apps such as What's App and Facebook Messenger, but Apple has seriously upped it's game and is set to blow them both out of the water.

These range from extravagant animations that take over your entire screen, such as balloons, lasers, fireballs and notes made with "invisible ink" that's only shown when you swipe over it. 

Even though we have NO idea how we'd put these features into context, here's what we've learned so far!

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What are iMessage Bubble Effects?

Bubble effects are basically a new way to add a bit of sizzle to your text messages by letting you change the way they look when your mate opens them. 

There are only four bubble effects available, but our guess is there will be more to come.

  • Slam: Message body slams into the conversation, with a puff of dust rising off the screen where it landed.

  • Loud: Mimicking yelling at the person, the message body starts off huge, shakes a bit, then shrinks back to regular size.

  • Gentle: Message body starts off small, really small, then ever-so-slowly it grows to regular size.

  • Invisible Ink: The message body is covered with an overlay and in order to view what's hidden underneath, the recipient has to swipe his or her finger across the message.

How do you use iMessage Bubble Effect?

To use the bubble effect you simply write message, and then hold down on the send button and a menu should appear. If you slide your finger across or tap the circular button next to each effect, it will give you a repave of how each animation will look. 

Choose the effect you want and press send. Voila! 

What are the iMessage Screen Effects?

Screen effects take over the entire message with an animation or a sound, for example if it was someone's birthday you could have balloons appear across their screen.

  • Balloons: A series of colorful balloons float across the screen. 

  • Confetti: A blast of confetti falls from the top of the screen. 

  • Lasers: Disco lasers scan up and down, emanating from behind the text bubble. 

  • Fireworks: A series of colourful firework blasts take over the screen. 

  • Shooting Star: The nighttime sky lights up as a single shooting star streaks across the screen.

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How do you get the iMessage Screen Effects?

Just write a message, then hold down on send button until the 'Bubble Effect' screen is activated. Then, tap on the 'Screen' button at the top of the screen. When you find one that works for you simply tap and send!

Can iMessage predict which emoji's?

Yes it can! Ever sent a message but been left stumped as to which emoji best sums up your feelings? Well, with the new iOS 10 messaging service your phone can suggest emojis for you!

When you write a text message, iMessage will instantly translate certain words to emojis! For example "beer" turns into the beer emoji. "Basketball" turns into a basketball emoji. Get it?

After writing a message, tap on the emoji button on your keyboard. Your phone will analyze the text and magically highlight words with matching emojis. 

Tap on the highlighted word to convert the word into an emoji, either instantly or picking from a few different options. 

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How do I put link previews in iMessages?

When you send links, you might be surprised to find it's instantly replaced with thumbnail previews. If it's a video from YouTube, for example, you can play the video directly in the conversation. There's even a mute button, just in case you want to watch the video but not hear it.

How do I write hand written notes on iMessage?

If you turn your phone sideways, you can now have the option to draw hand written messages using your finger. A blank canvas should appear ( if it doesn't then click the squiggly line icon!) in place of the keyboard and you can scribble away.

Once you've sent it, the recipient will see the message play out in a fancy animation.


What are Tapbacks?

If like us, you're a bit lazy, then tap backs will be your saving grace. Instead of writing short messages back, you can tap an icon to indicate how you're feeling.  

Simply double-tap or long-press on a message, then select from a list of replies.

You can choose form a thumbs up or down, a haha or an exclamation point!

Between all these new updates, we'll never send a plain text message ever again.

You can now send WhatsApps using Siri

With a new iOS software update comes new app updates to catch up and WhatsApp has been quick to jump on board. 

Now iPhone users are able to send WhatsApp messages using Siri and it's a handsfree dream! 

All you need to do it tell Siri what you want it to send, to who you want to send it and tell it to do it through Whatsapp. For example: 'Send a message on WhatsApp to Susie saying hello' and voila!