You Can Now Keep An Eye On Your Kids With This New WhatsApp Feature!

19 October 2017, 11:41 | Updated: 19 October 2017, 11:44

WhatsApp update

By Naomi Berners

There will be NO excuses for running late with this!

WhatsApp is launching a new feature by the name of 'Live Location Sharing'.

The popular messaging service already has an option to share your current location, which when activated sends a map with a pin in to identify your whereabouts.

Perfect for trying to meet someone in an unfamiliar location, or to let sceptical bosses know that YES the motorway is gridlocked and NO we're not having a lay in. 


This new 'live' version is still going to enable the user to send their whereabouts to a group or individual chat, but has the added feature of live tracking, allowing the recipient (and ONLY the recipient) to follow your progress.

You are able to choose how long you send the live location tracking to your chosen contact(s) - the default is set at 1 hour, but you can also select 15 minutes or a whopping EIGHT hours!

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So, if your little cherubs have promised that they're on their way home from their friends, you'll be able to see if they've actually left or are just having you on!

Similarly, if you're waiting for someone to come and pick you up, but aren't convinced they've actually left their house, you can ask them to send you proof!

OR if you've got that friend in the group chat who's ALWAYS running late, make them get a move on!

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Don't forget, it can also work the other way - if your child is stuck waiting in the carpark after school because you've left the house later than you should have, they might want to see proof!

The BIG question though - is it going to absolutely wipe our battery?!

Apparently not - Zafir Kahn, a product manager for WhatsApp, has stated that: “We have special techniques to help conserve your battery when sharing live location."

It might be best to have a power bank or phone charger close by, just in case these 'special techniques' don't live up to expectations!

This new feature is being rolled out to IOS and Android as we speak, so expect to see it appear on your mobile over the next few weeks.