Kids Have Found A GENIUS Way To Get Around Social Media Bans

14 March 2018, 13:07

Child on laptop

By Sam Lucas

Kids have found the ultimate social media alternative.

A mum has revealed the way her son has managed to get around his social media ban and it is simply genius. 

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Twitter user, @IjeomaOluo revealed that her son uses a Google Doc to chat to his friends - and it turns out that he’s not the only one!

The mum tweeted: “My 10-year-old created a shared Google Doc to chat with his friends and it’s the most adorably nerdy solution to ‘my mum won’t let me have a social media account’ that I’ve seen in a while,”

The tweet then received more than 6000 likes, with a number of parents agreeing that their children do the same. 

Surprisingly, all for the genius alternative, a number of parents expressed that they preferred it in comparison to social media sites as the children can manage who they talk to.

One mum tweeted: “My daughter uses Google Hangouts on her school account.  It's great cuz she can only talk to her classmates.”

Another added: “My 8 year old and her friends do this too! They organise who is being what in their game at school the next day and share photos.”

Another person tweeted: “Mine does that too. They have designated colors to make it easier to tell who is talking. It is ridiculously adorable.”

SO adorable. Never underestimate just how smart these kids can be!


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