LEGO Unveil Their Latest Creation That Will Top EVERY Parents Christmas List!

The Beatles

Their latest LEGO set is so amazing that parents might end up wanting this MORE than their children.

As parents it can be easy to hate LEGO.

The creators of those devilish bricks that lay in the dark and wait for you to tread on them - we've all been there!

But their latest creation may make us forgive them for hopping around on one leg in agony all those times...

The Beatles LEGO Yellow Submarine

Photo: LEGO

Yes you're correct! Thats a BEATLES YELLOW SUBMARINE LEGO SET!

The set is inspired by the 1969 film of the same name and the set includes miniature LEGO figures of the fab four.

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The Beatles LEGO Figures

Photo: LEGO 

The set is due to be released on the 1st Nov and will retail in the UK at a not so groovy £50 - but it might be worth at as these LEGO sets will probably become collectors items one day!

It's also likely the price tag won't put people if Twitter is anything to go by...

Will this be on your Christmas list this year?