You Won't BELIEVE The Lies People Tell On Their First Date.

carrie Bradshaw and Big on a date

Twitter users have been 'fessing up to the porkies they've told their dates and it's left us in stitches!

We've all told a lie (or two) to make ourselves seem more attractive to the opposite sex, but some of these porky pies are OUTRAGEOUS. 

 #1stDateLiesIveTold became a trending topic on Twitter after users began confessing the fibs they've blabbed to their date. 

Whether it's telling a potential lover that the person driving them wasn't actually their mother but their chauffeur, or pretending that all they really wanted to order was the salad, we can't help but laugh at these tall tales. 

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Is it just us, or are some of these porkies starting to look really familiar!