Forget Love At First Sight! Experts Say We Fancy People More Over Time

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If you're unsure after a first date DON'T call it quits! It turns out you may find them more attractive the second time round...

If you're struggling to find that 'love at first sight' moment, it may be because you need a second, third or fourth glance at your beloved...

According to a new study, the more time we spend looking at a person, the more attractive we find them. 

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So if you're umming and ahhhing on your first date you may want to given him or her another chance!

Researchers at Hamilton College in New York State pulled together a range of photographs of faces and had them rated for attractiveness on a nine-point scale by a focus group.

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They then selected 112 of the shots, half of which had been deemed good-looking.

These photos were then shown to 22 young, unattached men and women who gave them marks out of nine while wired to brain activity monitors. Finally, the participants were shown the same photos again but in a completely different order.

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Amazingly, during the second viewing, the attractive faces were deemed even more appealing and scored off the charts compared to the first-time round. Basically, they'd become more sexy over time!

They also found that, in instances where there was zero physical attraction, a second viewing gave people a lusty feeling. 

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Well, if that's not a reason to go on another date, we don't know what is!

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What do you think? Does attraction grow over time? Can you grow to find someone hot? Let us know...