These Minor Details Could Make a BIG Difference When Selling Your House!

minor changes can help you sell your house

These tiny improvements could be a big deal to prospective buyers.

It can seem like an effort to make sure you do all the little jobs to your house before putting it on the market.

But now research shows that those small changes could be the difference between selling and not selling!

In research on 2,000 people conducted by TSB to celebrate their partnership with Dulux Amazing space, some pretty interesting findings came to light!

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Apparently, a third of house seekers already have their potential home planned in their heads down to a t, so minor things are easily noticed.

60% of the prospective buyers surveyed they would be put off if they spotted shoddy paintwork, a scratched door or dirty carpets.

45% said they had been putt off an otherwise perfect home by a single imperfect feature.

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One person even said they were turned off one house because it had blue lights in the kitchen!
But on the plus side...

Two-thirds of people said they would not be turned off by the decor of a house, believing they can fix it themselves

A fifth of people surveyed said they don't need to inspect a potential house too closely as long as they get a good vibe for it.

So there we have it guys, a good lick of paint - and a good vibe! - could really help you get your house sold.

But even if that doesn't work, it might not be your fault. 

Supposedly over 56% of the people surveyed said they sometimes browse properties without any intention to move at all!