Man demands Tinder date refunds him £25 after she dumps him following third date

2 March 2021, 10:27 | Updated: 2 March 2021, 10:29

The woman shared the text screenshots to Twitter
The woman shared the text screenshots to Twitter. Picture: Twitter/alexx_colboth

A man from the US asked for a refund for the dates he paid for after being dumped.

A woman was left stunned after being asked to send £25 to a man she dumped after three dates.

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Alex Colboth, who is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ending things with her Tinder match after three dates - and was shocked to receive a text asking for half the money he spent.

Alex was stunned to receive the messages after dumping her date
Alex was stunned to receive the messages after dumping her date. Picture: Twitter/alexx_colboth

The message read: "Hi Alex hope you’re doing well. Would you mind letting me know what your Venmo is?

"The reason I ask is because since you and I won’t be seeing each other anymore it’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you from the dates we went on.

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"I believe it was three separate times we went out bars/ restaurants where I paid for us both each time.

"I’d say $35 is more than fair for your food and drinks that I got you during those dates.

The man asked for $35 (£25) in payment for the dates
The man asked for $35 (£25) in payment for the dates. Picture: Twitter/alexx_colboth

"I view you as a fair girl, I hope you’ll consider reimbursing me. Thanks! (sic)."

The man also sent Alex a link to his Venmo.

Alex posted the screenshots on Twitter alongside the caption: "It’s the audacity for me."

The tweet has since gone viral, and the public has been left divided on who is in the right.

One person was on the man's side, writing: "I have never personally done this, but I think it's ok. CK managed to say something uncomfortable, was honest about what he was hoping to accomplish and did it respectfully."

Some disagreed, however, with another saying: "Him asking for the dates to be split evenly isn't the issue here.

"It’s that he waited until AFTER he knew things wouldn’t continue to ask. So he wasn’t paying to be nice in the first place, he was paying with the expectation of some reward (sex, companionship, etc) which is weird."

A third wrote: "Don’t say you’re going to pay for something and then say nvm after the fact. He made the decision to pay for their dates tf. If he wanted to split he should’ve said that prior."


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