Man's outrageous list for women of 'how to be a good wife' receives mass backlash

25 February 2019, 11:18 | Updated: 25 February 2019, 12:40

Hunter Drew's controversial comments have caused outrage
Hunter Drew's controversial comments have caused outrage. Picture: Twitter
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

One man has gone viral after his controversial opinions of what it means to be a “good wife” ruffled A LOT of feathers.

What does it mean to you to be a good wife?

For Hunter Drew it means shaving, cooking, staying in shape and being graceful.

Hunter Drew, co-founder of the Fraternity Of Excellence, has caused mass outrage after he shared a list of all the traits he believes makes a good spouse.

The tweet, which has now been liked 2,000 times, retweeted 527 times and with 1,000 comments starts with “How to be a better wife”.

Hunter then goes on to list: “Cook for your family, have long hair, ditch b**ch friends, be feminine, stay in shape, be graceful, be sensual, shave, be fashionable, wear feminine colours, love your family more than a job, listen to your husband and care for your kids.”

Hunter shared this list with his followers of 'how to be a good wife'
Hunter shared this list with his followers of 'how to be a good wife'. Picture: Hunter Drew/Twitter

As you can imagine, the comments have not gone down well, with a great deal of people labelling the man a “moron”.

Others are, understandably, finding it hard to believe the opinions are real.

One person commented: “Must be satire”, while another wrote: “This has to be a joke”.

Unfortunately, it does not appear to be a joke.

Hunter is the co-founder of The Fraternity of Excellence
Hunter is the co-founder of The Fraternity of Excellence. Picture: Hunter Drew/Twitter

Hunter can even be seen on his Twitter page posing in a hat which reads: “Make women great again.”

Deep breaths everyone, deep breaths.

Hunter responded to the controversy with another equally outrageous message which read: “The responses are almost too predictable. Beautiful wives with satisfied husbands and healthy kids are all for it.Disgruntled underf**ked wives are upset and slamming the keyboard in anger. Who is doing this “wife” thing right?”

Hunter Drew is the co-found of The Fraternity of Excellence which, according to their website: “Is an online community for men by men that's committed to exhibiting masculine excellence through leadership by engaging in weekly assignments, group calls, unwavering accountability and more.”

The Fraternity of Excellence shows you – with a monthly membership – how to “build yourself into a masculine man of excellence”.