'I'm paying £30k for my sister's wedding - now my step-sister wants money for hers'

15 March 2022, 12:39

The man has asked the internet for advice (stock images)
The man has asked the internet for advice (stock images). Picture: Getty

A man has asked the internet for advice after his step-sister demanded that he help pay for her wedding.

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A man has revealed he caused a stir in his family after forking out £30k for his sister's wedding but refusing to pay for his step-sister's.

Posting anonymously to Reddit, the man revealed that he decided to commit to giving his sister around £30,000, but that he won't give anything to his step-sister as they aren't close and he doesn't consider her to be family.

The man added that his step-sister has spoken to his biological dad (her step-dad) to try to persuade him to reconsider his decision.

As reported by the Mirror, he wrote: "My sister is about to get married. I love my sister a lot and I knew that for her wedding I would definitely help pay for it. It's something I always wanted to do. I do well for myself and I love my sister so I splurged a little bit. I've decided to commit about 30k to her wedding. My sister didn't ask this of me, it was my own personal choice.

His step-sister asked him to pay for her wedding too (stock image)
His step-sister asked him to pay for her wedding too (stock image). Picture: Getty

"My stepsister moved in with us when I was 16 and she was 9. At 18 I moved off to university. We didn't have a particularly close relationship during that time. We are cordial with one another when we meet each other during family gatherings but don't really have a close relationship.

"My stepsister is also getting married and was upset when she realised I wasn't contributing anything to her wedding. She's now got my dad to come and talk to me about being generous and frankly not putting him in a bad spot.

He added: "I really don't want to give her money for her wedding because I don't know her well enough. What do I do?"

Reddit users rushed to support the man, with one writing: "Just tell her no and stay firm. It's odd she felt entitled to you paying, but not close enough that she could talk to you about it herself. She had to leverage daddy into doing the dirty work."

Another added: "Tell your dad that traditionally the parents cover the wedding, so it's on him. Your contribution to your other sister was a large wedding gift you chose due to your closeness but is not a requirement nor a responsibility of yours."