Worried about rain on your big day? Mauritius is the place to go for the most perfect wedding photos

21 August 2018, 17:33 | Updated: 16 January 2019, 17:33


By Alice Westoby

Is the thought of getting married in the UK giving you anxiety? Think the British weather can't be trusted to deliver the perfect photos? We have a solution...

One of the biggest stresses any bride can face is making sure she gets the perfect wedding photos.

For some that can mean a set of candid shots, for others some perfectly posed ones are what they're after but brides can probably all agree on one thing regardless of taste - nice weather.

Living in the UK, this can't be a given, but by taking your nuptials abroad you can guarantee yourself blue skies, sunshine and golden beaches.

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And one of the most photogenic destinations of them all? Mauritius.

The island is famous for being the home of the now extinct Dodo but it is making its mark in the world of weddings and honeymoons as the perfect backdrop for a bride and grooms big day.

The perfect sunset photos


Le Morne overlooking the beaches of the Le Morne peninsula | Picture: Heart

The St Regis hotel on the Le Morne peninsula is a special hotel for many reasons, but its unique selling point has to be its setting on the coast against the back drop of UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Morne.

Le Morne is a mountain which is considered sacred by locals and looms over the south western tip of the island creating a stunning landscape, stunningly illuminated by the sunset.

The St Regis also offers special sunset dinners for couples with a designated waiter ready to serve you on a private jetty as you take in the stunning surroundings.


The romantic jetty at the St Regis | Picture: St Regis Mauritius

The St Regis has an in house wedding planner to assist with proposals and weddings days to make sure every detail is perfect from your room to your vows. 

For more information get in touch with them via their website here.

The perfect beach photos


The white sand will compliment your white dress... | Picture: Lux Belle Mare

When getting married abroad, there's no doubt you're looking for immaculate white sand and the Belle Mare area of Mauritius has that in abundance.

The LUX Belle Mare is a popular destination for honeymooners thanks to it's contemporary vibe and chilled out atmosphere but the beach is the ultimate romantic setting for a wedding....and those perfect photos of course!

With palm trees scattered along the shore and white sand meeting blue seas, the hotel's gorgeous beach is the perfect wedding location and trust us - your guests will appreciate the invite.

Visit their website here for more information about wedding bookings.

The perfect scenic photos

If sand between your toes isn't your vibe but you still want an enviable wedding photo backdrop, Mauritius has you covered again. 

Restaurant Le Chamarel is a panoramic dining experience nestled high in the beautiful Black River mountains. 

The view from Le Chamarel over Le Morne | Picture: Heart 

The breathtaking view from the restaurant spans Le Morne to Black River and out to the turquoise hues of the Indian Ocean making for a stunning backdrop to any wedding.

The venue is available to hire for wedding parties, visit their website here for more information.

You can fly direct to Mauritius from London Heathrow in 12 hours with Air Mauritius - see here for more about their flights.