REVEALED! Men Share The Things They Wish Women Knew About Them

Mens Thoughts Revealed On Reddit

No matter how great us ladies think we are at reading the minds of our other halves, there are always some things we could never guess...until now!

In a tell all thread on social forum website Reddit, some guys have revealed the things that women should know about men, but probably don't!

They range from the predictable to the surprising and you can read the comments in full here.

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But for now we've picked out our favourite revelations that all women should be aware of!

Guys don't enjoy playing games!

Despite popular belief that 'playing hard to get' is fun...many guys might not think so!
Men Don't Like Playing Games
Don't play games! Many commenters admitted that half the time they're super bad at picking up signals that somebody likes them, so it's best just to make it clear according to them.
And as one wise user said, if they enjoy the 'chase' then they're probably not even worth the bother.

Apparently, simpler is better in the outfit department!

We're a bit sceptical about this one as it seems as simpler is better just so we take less time getting ready...but some users seemed genuine with this one!
Dress simple!
But it's encouraging to see that many guys don't need frills and faces full of make up - simpler is more attractive to them!

Guys like cuddles too

We knew that deep down but its GREAT to see some men admitting it! 
Guys Like Cuddling
But one big shocker is that they like being the LITTLE spoon - who'd have thought it eh?

They're not always after that 'one thing'

When a guy approaches a girl it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that he's only after one thing, but this Reddit user explains thats not always the case.
Not Always After One Thing
Ladies don't jump to conclusions! There might be a guy out there on your next girls night out that really does just want to talk.

And the last revelation is a REAL shocker... 

Men Cant Read Women's Minds