Slap A Ban On It! Modern Day Bugbears That REALLY Get Out Goat!

Granted, us Brits love to moan… but sometimes we can't help it! Modern life can just be such a right 'ole nuisance! Here are our some of our biggest gripes and things which we'd really love to see stopped once and for all!

1. Cold Callers

The government has finally got their act together and clamped down on those pesky companies that ring you without consent!

Yes, after hundreds of thousands of complaints, the government has introduced new laws that make it easier to impose fines of up to £500,000 on those rogue ringers! 
Take that cowboy wheeler-dealers, you'll never see us look at our phones in fear again!

2. Couples Who Exercise Together

Okay, so we don't mind the occasional Saturday morning jog, but we're talking about those gym bunny couples who relentlessly compete with one another and then go on and on about how great and healthy they feel… snores. 
 Couple jogging

3. People That Wear Sunglasses Inside…Sorry Anna Wintour

We don't care if it Fashion Week…how can you tell what's going on if you're peering through dark specs at the world?
london fashion week celebs front row

4. Smug Cyclists

"Oh you get the train to work? No wonder you're always ill… it must be terrible breathing in other people's germs in such a confined space. Can you even find space to sit down?!"
Yes we know you have the most pleasurable route to work. Please stop rubbing it in. 

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5. Parking Tickets On Private Land

Paying for a space in a supermarket car park whilst you're spending money in their shops is bad enough… but when the warden slaps a ticket on you for going over your time… it's enough to make our blood boil!

6. Junk Mail

Here's what we'd like to do with all those spammy emails and letters!

7. people who chew with mouths open

Just really, really disgusting. Didn't your mamma teach you any manners?!

8. Buffering Internet… Errm Hello! We Live In The Digital Age!

(It basically makes us want to do something like this!)

9. Rude And Lazy Shop Assistants

We're asking for your help… it's hard enough trying to find a dress that suits us in our size, please don't make this any harder than it needs to be! 

10. Txt MeSsAge SpEak!

What are you ten?!


11. Queue Jumpers

Repeat after us, "We are British, we WAIT!"

a Queue of people

12. Loud Music Leaking From Headphones

Look, we love Taylor Swift as much as the next person, but not EVERYONE in this train carriage wants to hear your tinny version of 'Shake It Off'.

13. Trying To Find The End Of The Sellotape

Just the hardest thing IN.THE.WORLD

14. People Who Constantly Interrupt

15. Hot Weather Back Home When You're Away On Holiday