These are the most swiped right Brits on Tinder this year

5 September 2019, 16:39 | Updated: 6 September 2019, 10:35

The 'most swiped right' Tinder users have been revealed
The 'most swiped right' Tinder users have been revealed. Picture: Tinder

The most swiped right people on Tinder in 2019 have been revealed...

The most popular people on Tinder in the UK have been revealed - and some of the 30 most 'swiped-right' users have given their top dating tips.

Tinder, the world's leading dating app, has announced its most popular users in partnership with Cosmopolitan magazine.

The diverse mix of people includes a mix of genders, sexual orientations, backgrounds and professions. The list includes a professional wakeboarder, a scientist, a singer and a PHD student.

See below for the full list of most popular Tinder users:

Ella-Morgan, 25, a cosmetic surgeon consultant from Bristol

Ella Morgan
Ella Morgan. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

“Proud transwoman. Judge me all you want, but I’m the nicest and funniest girl you’ll ever meet. Yes, I’ve had my surgery!” with lots of emojis.

Best thing about being single?

Having the time to learn to love myself.

Visit Ella-Morgan's Tinder profile here.

Chanel, 27, a Singer from London

Chanel. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

“Artist and music lover. Let’s start with hello.” I’m looking for someone spiritual with kind eyes.

Ideal first date?

I’m an adrenaline junkie, so Thorpe Park could be fun, or maybe sitting outside and playing board games. Something a bit different.

Visit Chanel's Tinder profile here.

James, 28, a sports broadcaster from Worcester

James. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

“Looking for someone to take to Spoon Street,” which is a fro-yo place.

Go-to opening line?

“Hello [insert name],” with a princess or rose emoji. It works every time – people think it’s sweet or laugh because it’s pathetic.

JJ, 28, a Barber from Cheltenham

JJ. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

‘I’m just looking for cool people to vibe with. Let’s grab some food.”

How do you make the next move?

If conversation is flowing, I’ll ask them to call me. I wouldn’t date someone who’s afraid to pick up the phone. It’s a good pre-date test.

Visit JJ's Tinder profile here.

Jane 30, a Marketing Executive from Edinburgh

Jane. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

“Sometimes I like yoga, sometimes I like wine.” It’s all about balance.

Best thing about being single?

The group chat I have with my friends – we discuss our dates!

Visit Jane's Tinder profile here.

Daire, 27, a financial advisor & entrepreneur from Dublin, Ireland

Daire. Picture: TInder

Go-to opening line?

A GIF of a pug waving.

Any dating mishaps?

Her purse went missing and she asked me if I’d taken it! I hadn’t, obviously, and she later sent an apology after a taxi driver found it.

Visit Daire's Tinder profile here.

Elise, 19, a sandwich artist from County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Elise. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

'Sicker than your average'

Favourite thing about being single? Not having the responsibility of anybody else’s happiness and being able to focus solely on yourself.

Visit Elise's Tinder profile here.

Eliana, 19, a student from Aberdeen, Scotland

Eliana. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

'Spanish-American hybrid. I’ve probably been to more countries than you.'

Best date you've ever had?

The day before our date was planned, the guy messaged asking if I fancied going along to a stand-up comedy night that evening instead, which was random, but really fun and spontaneous. Flowing conversation is the most important thing on a date, the venue doesn’t really matter as long as that’s there.

Marley, 22, a DJ from Swansea

Marley. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

It lists my job – I used to be a footballer, now I’m a DJ – and where I study.

Ideal first date?

I like keeping it simple and going for coffee. I’m a big coffee fan. It’s a good chance to actually chat, rather than, say, going to the cinema or something where you’re just sat in silence the whole time.

Adam, 23, a songwriter from Cheltenham

Adam. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

Where I live and work.

Best date you've ever had?

It was with a girl who worked at Longleat Safari Park. She gave me a personal tour and we got to feed the animals together, which was pretty amazing.

Visit Adam's Tinder profile here.

Mia, 21, a personal trainer from London

Mia. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?


Ideal first date?

I’d rather do an activity, like bowling, than sit across the dinner table trying to make conversation. It’s less intense and a bit of competition is always fun.

Visit Mia's Tinder profile here.

Liam, 23, mechanical engineer, Galway, Ireland

Liam. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

'Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas. I love bad puns, send me some?' - I’m not a very serious person, so I’ve tried to portray that.

Best date you've ever hard?

It was while I was visiting San Francisco. A friend offered me two free tickets for a sunset dinner on a cruise ship – at first the girl I invited was hesitant and said her friends had warned her against going on a boat date with a stranger. I was like, “Actually yeah, you’re dead right. Fair enough!” but then she changed her mind and we had a great time. Ordinarily I’m happy just to go for a coffee and walk, Galway’s such a pretty place.

Chloe, 21, a scientist from Swindon

Chloe. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

'Guess my height in one go and I’ll buy you a drink' - Nobody has managed yet; they always go taller (I’m 5ft).

Tips for standing out?

It’s always nice when you can see somebody’s music interests on their profile. Pictures that show a bit of personality, not just selfies, are also a winner.

Visit Chloe's Tinder profile here.

Ali, 19, student, model and PT from County Down, Northern Ireland

Ali. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

'Probably taller than you'

Any dating mishaps?

I’m a really bubbly person, but there have definitely been times where the conversation hasn’t flowed at all – and yet I still seem to end up staying for hours, out of politeness.

Paris, 21, a model from London

Paris. Picture: Tinder

What does your bio say?

'Artist?'– the question mark is because I’m not sure if I can call myself that, but I dance, paint and sculpt, followed by ‘I once sent back a burrata’. The last bit is a good conversation starter.

Best date you've ever had?

A racing car driver recently took me to Monaco on a third date. I’ve been flown to Paris for a date before too, but that one was actually kind of boring.

Jack, 33, a UI designer and animator from London

Jack. Picture: Tinder