'My mother-in-law is trying to make me give birth on zoom'

28 September 2021, 11:50 | Updated: 28 September 2021, 11:54

A woman is horrified after her mother-in-law asked to watch her birth on Zoom
A woman is horrified after her mother-in-law asked to watch her birth on Zoom. Picture: Getty Images
Heart reporter

By Heart reporter

A woman has been left horrified after her husband's mum suggested she live stream the birth of her first son.

A mum has asked for advice after her mother-in-law asked her to give birth to her son on Zoom.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous woman explained that she is 16 weeks pregnant with her first child and would love to have her family at the birth.

However, with Covid restrictions in place only her husband is allowed to be in the room with her, which hasn’t gone down well with his mum.

A woman has refused to live stream her birth
A woman has refused to live stream her birth. Picture: Alamy

She said: "I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first little boy and my husband and I are over the moon excited.

"However, at every turn COVID puts a stop to family being involved as much as they would have before the pandemic began. (Not that we mind, we’re more private and don’t want too much interference from other people).

"Our hospital is not allowing visitors for the foreseeable future, and while our families are heartbroken, my mother has taken it the hardest. Today while on the phone with her, she asked that we live stream/zoom the birth of our son."

The woman said that her mother in law ‘doesn’t wanna see everything’, but does want to catch a glimpse of ‘just enough to see our faces and hear his first cry’.

She added: “However, this moment is incredibly intimate and my husband and I don't want to have to worry about our families on zoom while bringing our son into the world.”

The post soon racked up hundreds of comments, with one person saying: “It’s YOUR labour and delivery, you get to do whatever you want. Tell her you aren’t comfortable with that idea, end of discussion. Being in the delivery room is a privilege, not a right.”

Someone else wrote: “It's your birth, your medical procedure so what you want, goes. You don’t need an audience, birth is not a spectator sport.”

While a third added: “Your birth, your choice. You could offer to Skype later with them when you and your baby are better, rested and have come back home.”

Plenty of other people suggested the hospital probably wouldn’t allow the birth to be live streamed anyway.