Savvy mum creates stylish mirrored furniture for just £60

26 October 2020, 12:18

Ellie from Merseyside created her own mirrored furniture
Ellie from Merseyside created her own mirrored furniture. Picture: Latestdeals

The mum gave her 16-year-old cabinet a revamp using materials she bought from Home Bargains and Amazon.

A mum has created on-trend mirrored furniture by decorating an old cabinet with bargains she bought online.

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Rather than splashing out £300 on ready-made mirrored furniture for her home, Ellie Elis decided to look to Amazon and Home Bargains for materials to decorate a 16-year-old cabinet she already owned.

The mum - from Merseyside - money-saving community "I joined an online forum for DIY and upcycling, which gave me the idea to upcycle my cabinet.

She created the cabinet using bargains she found on Amazon and Home Bargains
She created the cabinet using bargains she found on Amazon and Home Bargains. Picture: Latestdeals

“They share lots of upcycling ideas which is something I have always loved to do.

“I had bought the chest of drawers for my son's first bedroom so it was around 16 years old. It needed upgrading so I thought I’d give it a go.

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“The process is always the same and really easy to do. You just use sugar soap, light sand and give it a good clean. You leave around one to two hours drying time in between coats and it took me three coats. 

She transformed her 16-year-old cabinet
She transformed her 16-year-old cabinet. Picture: Latestdeals

"I used Frenchic paint in Duckling and bought the mirrored tiles from Amazon. 

"The mirrored tiles are self-adhesive so are really easy to use. They come with a template to follow to achieve the pattern.

"I like the look of mirrored furniture and thought it would be an inexpensive way to get the same effect. 

Ellie was delighted by the result
Ellie was delighted by the result. Picture: Latestdeals

"I have enjoyed doing little DIY projects during the lockdown as it has really helped with my mental health and given me something to keep busy with on the weekend.

“It was really easy to order online. The paint was purchased from local Frenchic stockists and cost £17.95, the mirrored tiles were £18 for two packs from Amazon, and the drawer knobs were £5 from Home Bargains.” 

The cabinet cost just £60 to make
The cabinet cost just £60 to make. Picture: Latestdeals

Ellie is delighted with the chic look of her new mirrored cabinet, and says upcycling it was a fantastic money-saving solution during a stressful financial time.

“My husband is self-employed and didn’t qualify for any help during the pandemic so money was tight,” Ellie adds. 

“There is no way I could justify spending about £300 on a new set of mirrored drawers, so spending just £60 for what now looks brand new is a brilliant result. 

“The encouragement and nice comments I have received from people on social media really made me feel proud!”


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