Mum sparks debate after packing away her decorations at 9pm on Christmas Day

30 December 2020, 08:36

One mum puts her Christmas decorations down on December 25
One mum puts her Christmas decorations down on December 25. Picture: Getty Images

One woman has said she is 'done' with Christmas by the big day.

After a very tough few months, many Brits decided to put their Christmas decorations up early this year to get the festivities going.

But while traditionally the tree should stay up until the Twelfth Night - which is January 5 or 6 - one mum has decided to put an end to Christmas very swiftly.

Mother-of-one Stacey Flinn, 36, admitted that she isn’t the biggest fan of December 25, so likes to get all the decorations down by 9pm on the big day.

A debate has been sparked over when you should take your Christmas decorations down
A debate has been sparked over when you should take your Christmas decorations down. Picture: Getty Images

The NHS admin worker - who shares eight-year-old Bear with her husband Paul - told Fabulous: "By Christmas Day I’m totally done with it.

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"I’m not a Christmas fan. I'd quite happily work the day, but when you have a child you can't. I'm really miserable about it.

"I take everything down that night, after my little boy goes to bed, I feel like the season's over. I start taking everything down at about 9pm, it feels like clutter by that point.

But it looks like the whole family isn’t in agreement as her husband of 18 years Paul, 40, often begs her to keep the tree up for another day.

Meanwhile, other parents are totally divided over when is the best time to start putting the tinsel away.

Taking to Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, one mum wrote: “I’m just curious (so please don’t bite too hard) but I’ve seen lots of people have been taking/already taken their Christmas decorations down.

“Can I ask if those people how many weeks they’ve had their decorations up until now? Just a number reply please. You don’t need to justify anything.”

Confessing they were also done with the festivities, one person wrote: “End of October and down yesterday.”

Another said: “Mine went up last weekend of November (very early for us) and came down today. I just wanted the house to feel clean and uncluttered again.”

A third admitted: “Mine was up just for one week.”

And a fourth wrote: “Exactly a month, put up 29th Nov and put down yesterday.”

But someone else insisted the tradition should be followed, as they commented: “This is what happens when you put it up in October. It's Christmas now! Should be up until the 6th.”

And another woman agreed: “Mine went up at the start of November this year, but usually the beginning of December. I don’t take them down until the 6th January-no matter how early they go up. I love them too much to take them down early”.

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