Mum Saves £20,000 In Just 13 Months With This Nifty Idea…

22 November 2017, 12:24

canna Campbell, money, sugar mamma

Canna Campbell reveals her secrets to getting richer in just over a year...

A mother from Australia has revealed her secrets on how she managed to save £20,000 in just 13 months. 

Canna Campbell set herself the “personal challenge” to save £575 at a time and invest that, by simply shopping second hand, taking lunch to work and renting out her spare room. 

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On her YouTube channel, ‘Sugar Mamma’ she explained: "You're probably thinking she's got to be earning a really big salary and she has got to be really rich and she has got to have lots of money do be able to do it," 

“But that's not the case at all. Everything I did to save and invest that $36,000 has come from my own hard work above and beyond what I normally do.”

In addition to using websites like AirBnB to promote her room, Canna switched nights out for nights in, and sold her clothes and furniture online. 

Meanwhile, she made some extra cash through her book, The $1,000 Project. Talk about being proactive!

After bringing in a “passive income” worth £2,000 a year, she has now donated it to an orphanage in Jakarta.



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