Ecstatic mums are throwing 'period parties' for their daughters

14 July 2018, 10:59 | Updated: 14 July 2018, 11:01

period party

The parties are designed to educate and celebrate that next stage of life.

Getting your first period is a huge moment for young girls, but some parents are making it their duty to make it a real calander event by throwing a 'period party'.

And what would a party be without cake...Uterus cakes at that, accompanied by tampon inspired ice cream and and sanitary towel packs for some.

But the parties aren't just about fun and games. Originally started in the states, period parties (also known as 'fist moon parties') were designed to educate young girls on menstruation and create an open space for them to openly talk about the taboo of periods.

With nearly half of young women in the UK between the ages of 14-21 being embarrassed about their menstruation, period parties are seen as a great way to unpick any myths and change attitudes towards the natural bodily cycle.

Mother of twelve-year-old Brooke from Florida came under fire last year for throwing a period party to celebrate her daughter's landmark.

Posting pictures of Brooke holding a congratulations cake and sanitary towel packs, it wasn't long before the tweet went viral, causing mixed emotions.

Speaking to Buzzfeed news mum Shelly said: "I wanted to make this event a little more fun"

"My tweet going viral just amazes me – I’m glad everyone was able to see how supportive and amazing my family is."

Shelly and Brooke aren't the only ones to have celebrated the occasion with super model Tyra Banks also admitting to have had a period party herself when she was younger.

She revealed: "Most of [the girls there] had never talked about their periods so openly before, and in between the 'yucks' and giggles, they asked questions about everything from whether using tampons takes away your virginity to wanting to know if other people can tell when you’re on your period,” London wrote in the co-authored chapter.

"I appreciate that [my mother] never wanted me to be ashamed of anything, or to think that there was something bad or dirty about my body,"

So what do we think guys, are period parties a weird or wonderful idea?