Natalie slams Denise

Pregnant soap star Natalie Cassidy has criticised Denise Van Outen for going back to work just two weeks after giving birth.

She told a magazine: "Denise van Outen went back to work after two weeks because she said she needed to feel normal again.  I just think, 'What have you had a child for? Having a child should be your job." 

TV presenter and West End star Denise had her daughter Betsy back in May but was keen to get back to work saying "I am really looking forward to being a mum. I've been broody for years so I am very excited about it but I don't want to give up working because I love it."

What do you think?  Was Natalie right to blast Denise?  Is two weeks to soon?  Let us know by sending in your comments below.

- As long as there is contact and love for her baby I feel Denise should do as she feels. Jackie

- 2 weeks is not enough time to bond with your child. Lisa

- Wait until youre a mother full time for a month or two and then slam denise, cos i bet you natalie youll also be crying out for a break, and trust me work is a break away from the circus youll be calling home. Ffion

- "i think its to soon dew to bonding and the possibility of having the blues <baby blues>" Neil

- Can't see a problem with what Denise did, I mean the term 'work' is a fairly loose one in this case. Col