A New Dieting Ally: The Plate That Cuts Calories

AbsorbPlate - Thai Health Promotion Foundation


To help the battle of the bulge a plate has been invented that soaks up excess calories and actually makes your food healthier!

It’s great to tuck into something like a curry or a pizza, but what’s not so great is the puddle of grease and oil you can see left on the plate at the end, leaving you wondering “er, how much of that went in me?”

Well now you can enjoy your favourite comfort foods with a touch less guilt thanks to this new invention.

Designed in a collaboration between the ad agency BBDO Bangkok and the Thai government health board, the ‘AbsorbPlate’ works a bit like a sponge, with the perforated surface sucking up the excess grease and oil. It’s claimed the plate can absorb about 7ml of oil, which equates to about 30 calories.

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Ok, that’s not exactly going to turn a Domino's Meat Feast pizza into the calorie equivalent of celery, but hey, it’s something. And if you take off 30 calories per slice, well that’s 300 calories gone! If anyone knows a better way to cut 300 calories without changing what you eat, then we'd like to hear it (no, really, please tell us!).

The plate isn’t on sale yet, but it’s part of efforts in the country, which has one of the highest levels of obesity in Asia, to get its citizens to slim down. Every little helps.