Here's A New Term For Something That's Even More Annoying Than Mansplaining

25 September 2017, 14:39 | Updated: 25 September 2017, 14:49


By Alice Westoby

Most ladies out there will have experienced this before but now there's a word for it!

For those who aren't familiar, mansplaining is when a man explains something to a woman in an unnecessarily patronising way, often throwing in a "darling" or a "love" into the mix.

Bang your head against a wall annoying, right?

Whether they mean it or not, it's VERY annoying and since the term 'mansplaining' was coined it has been used more and more frequently to describe some eye-roll worthy encounters.

So we've got mansplaining, but have you heard of 'hepeating'? 

You probably haven't, but the chances are if you're female this frustrating phenomenon will have happened to you in the past whether the offending party realised they were doing it or not.

'Hepeating' is when a woman suggests an idea, it gets ignored then a man repeats it and it gets praise when there is no difference in the idea expect the gender of the person saying it.

It's one of those feelings many women, particularly in the workplace, will have experienced in the boardroom when their ideas get over looked.

This has been happening since time began and now there's finally a phrase we can use to describe it it feels pretty good and it's all thanks to astronomer and professor Nicole Gugliucci.

She and her friends came up with the spot on term and we are definitely going to start using this one...

The reaction the tweet has created online shows just how many women can relate to this experience and the post now has over 65,000 retweets and almost 200,000 likes.

It's even been proved scientifically that 'hepeating' is a real thing and not just a figment of the female imagination as a 2012 study by Princeton and Brigham Young University revealed that at a mixed table in a professional environment men take up to 75 per cent of the conversation.

Chris Karpowitz who was in charge of the study as well as being a political scientist at Brigham Young said: 'Women have something unique and important to add to the group, and that's being lost at least under some circumstances.'

Chris, we couldn't agree more! Ladies, remember your opinions are valid and make those voices heard in the workplace, eventually we'll put an end to 'mansplaining' and 'hepeating' for good.

'Manspreading' on the other hand, might take a little longer to combat...