New study shows 80 per cent of Brits have 'settled' with their other half

25 June 2020, 16:00 | Updated: 26 June 2020, 15:12

People have settled in their couples, studies show!
People have settled in their couples, studies show! Picture: Getty

This is apparently down to them not wanting to be 'left on the shelf'.

A whopping eight out of ten Brits have admitted the very scandalous fact that they think they have 'settled in life'.

This applied to their jobs, salary, and most shockingly... their partners!

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Many seem to have settled in their relationships
Many seem to have settled in their relationships. Picture: Getty

A study of a whopping 2,000 adults found that people who haven't been able to achieve what they wanted have adopted a "guess that'll do!" approach to life.

The survey, conducted by Lottoland in connection with their new Lotto Plus Multiple Millionaires Bonus draw, found that a huge 41 per cent of adults have found themselves in a relationship with someone they didn’t think was ‘the one’.

The saddening news is broken down further, with 12 per cent settling because they didn’t want to be left on the shelf!

A further 16 per cent said they had settles as they worried they’d never find love.

As well as the love-related settling, seven out of ten adults stated they'd also accepted salaries that weren't right for them, with a fifth saying this was because they felt there wasn't any room for negotiation, and a quarter hoping for a pay rise in the future.

Out of the 2,000 surveyed, a whopping 66 per cent have also accepted jobs they didn't even want at some point in their lives, purely because they couldn't find something better!

A spokesperson for Lottoland revealed: “We know that people often want more out of life, and as such strive to do better, but the findings do indicate an acceptance that things can’t always be perfect.

Eight out of ten people have settled in many areas of life
Eight out of ten people have settled in many areas of life. Picture: Getty

“However, there should be some areas of life where you don’t settle for second best."It is human nature to want more – more fun, more spontaneity, and more choice – and that’s why we’re introducing more choice and more opportunities for our own customers.”

The study also found a house, friendships, and a car are among the other life changing things adults have settled for, when they really didn’t want to.