We've Found A New Way To Keep Track Of Your Money!

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Sometimes it's hard to keep track of where all those spare pennies are disappearing to, so we challenge you to try this for a month...

Keeping track of your spending can be hard...really hard!

Especially as it's so easy to buy these days. Contactless cards and Apple Pay allow us purchase with the swift swipe of an arm which makes it trickier than ever to keep tabs on your cash.

To sit and write down all your outgoings is a great way to stay on top of things but that's not always realistic. 

It's easy to start off the month being on the ball with what we purchase but its also easy to let things slide and before we know it we've bough 7 new handbags and 5 new pairs of shoes...eek!

So, instead try writing down everything you DIDN'T spend.

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When you're tempted by that new dress but resist the urge because you don't need it, write it down. And if you go to purchase those more expensive groceries but opt for a cheaper alternative, write it down.

Then at the end of the month add it all up and see how well you did!

In the long run it might help you make some better choices with your money and can be a great pat on the back alongside hopefully a more bulging bank account.


Your welcome!